Dovetail's Nest.
Installation shots, Zabludowicz Invites, Zabludowicz Collection. 2017



Yellow Jungle. Hand sewn and dyed mixed textiles and painted wooden frame on saly dough, pigment and wood support. 72 x 62 cm. 2017




Spring Bouquet / Summer Bouquet. Jacquard-knit textile, wood, clay and pigment coffee table with ceramic coffee cups. 100 x 100 x 50 cm each. 2017



Lady Sofa. Handsewn mixed textiles, upholstered sofa. 150 x 100 x 100 cm. 2017



Lady Pouf. Handsewn mixed textiles, upholstered sofa. 150 x 100 x 50 cm. 2017



















Library of Spoons. Ceramic and wooden spoons, leather pillows, prints on paper, plaster, embroidered and knitted textiles, wooden bookshelf, food dye. 
244 x 200 x 50 cm. 2016







Supra. Acrylic on leather, salt dough, food dye, wood and plaster. 400 x 109 x 43 cm. 2016





Sarkophagus. Salt dough, food dye and wood. 143 x 109 x 43 cm. 2016





Herzlyia & Dover. Knitted textiles and Italian Cactus fig-dyed Portuguese cotton upholstered armchairs
70 x 71 x 71 cm each. 2016




Poked Peach & Georgian Mouths. Plaster, food dye, wood, salt dough and steel coffee table, with six canvas pillows. 125 x 125 x 40 cm. 2016

Sound recordings of Georgian supras (traditional feasts) in Georgia and London. Duration 4 hours. 2016







Installation shots. Royal College of Art graduate show 2016.











Tender Beds. Jacquard knitted wool and clay. 100 x 450 cm. Full House, group exhibition at Le Cabinet Dentaire, Paris. October 2015.


Herzliya. Jacquard knitted tapestry, 60 x 70 cm. 2015.




Noses and Holes. Tempera on wood, 70 x 90 cm. 2015. 20


1 5.

Through and Through (left) and I'm Not Sure I Understand (right). Oil and food dye on wood, 80 x 90 cm each. 2015.


Stare Down. Tempera on board, 90 x 50 cm. 2015. 2015. >>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>




Slim Pickings. Jacquard knitted tapestry on wood shelf, 100 x 100 x 30 cm. 2105.




After Cake. Knitted jacquard, wood, clay and steel coffee table, 100 x 90 x 60 cm.




Tongue Drapes. Cactus-dyed cotton and bedsheets, 230 x 250 cm. 2015.





Cactus Handkerchiefs. In collaboration with Adeline De Monseignat.

Traditional cotton handkerchiefs dyed with cactus fruits, embroidered by artists in residents.

More works >>> The Beekeepers Residency, Portugal, 2015.



Tissue Picking. Film duration 6 minutes. 2 >>>>>See Video



Self-portrait with Constructed Turban. Live performance at Art15 Fair with Bosse and Baum Gallery. 2015.


Self-portrait with Constructed Turban. Film duration 11 minutes. 2015.

>>>>>See Video











Skin Flaps. Knitted wool and thread. 210 x 50 cm. 2015.


Skin Flaps and Noses and Holes. Installation view at Pump House Gallery, 2015.




RIFT Banquet Performance. Participatory Banquet performance at AYA Peckham, in collaboration with Paola De Ramos and Farid Fakhre.

Curated by Leo Cohen. 2015. >>>>>See Video







In the Likeness Of... Dance performance. Collaboration with and choreographed by Konstantina Skalionta. Duration 20 minutes.

Performed as part of Resolutions!2015 at the Place Theatre, London and the 15th Cypriot Contemporary Dance Festival, Cyprus. 2015

Choreographer: Konstantina Skalionta. Dancers: Konstantina Skalionta, Dominique Vannod, Typhaine Delaup. Musician: Irma Vastakaite.








Red Duo. Performance with Konstantina Skalionta. Film by Claudia Rocha, Duration 2:30 mintues. 2014


Underwater Legs Formation. Knitted Wool, papermache, acrylic and wood. 200 x 100 cm. 2014


Underwater Legs Duet. Knitted wool, papermache, acrylic and steel. Side- waste fabric. 200 x 150 cm. 2014



Sapphic Embrace. Fabric and oil on canvas. 120 x 100 cm. 2015

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Feel Her Up. Cotton, polyester and thread. 72 x 62 cm. 2014






Red Room. Installation Views. Slade School of Fine Art Degree Show. 2014




Two Scene. Cotton, polyester and thread. 130 x 150 cm . 2014


Rising Duo. Bronze, flour, salt and steel. 150 x 40 cm. 2014

Missing Lover. Paint on wood. 160 x 100 x 100 cm. 2014



Leg Fight. Fabric and oil pastel. 110 x 140 cm. 2014


Open Bodies (series). Screenprints on sewn fabric. 72 x 62 cm. 2014




Fists Rising. Cotton, thread and post-performance wipes. 120 x 180 cm. 2013




Medusa. Cotton, polyester, thread and pencil. 180 x 180 cm. 2013




Waves. Oil, cotton, thread and pencil on canvas. 110 x 140 cm. 2013



Side By Side. Cotton, polyester and thread. 130 x 150 cm. 2013


Lost Heads. (series) Collages. 2013



Not Together. Mixed media. Variable dimensions. Collaboration with Cecilia Granara. 2013.






Nether Together. Performance with Cecilia Granara. Performed at Platform, London. 2013.



Together. Durational Performance, with Cecilia Granara. 2013

Performed at Tate Modern, Camden Arts Centre, Guest Project Space and Central Saint Martins.